Seriously, I wonder. If I update this constantly, surely it will shame me into sticking to things.

Assuming I don't lie. I mean, really, I could totally lie. But I'm going to {eventually} be posting pictures of myself. If I say I'm still doing x and post pics of me that look the same or worse after going on about my progress, I imagine that would be a bit suspicious, eh? Also assuming I actually continue writing. Right now, it's all fresh and new and exciting. A blog! Weight loss! New ideas! A bright future! No more fatness! But how long will that continue? Will my ADHD rear its ugly head {like it's already threatening to do.. I swear, I am so easily distracted} Will I skip a day or two and think "Oh, I'll just pick it up again after _____" and forget about it until later when the post holiday fat gain guilts me into stepping on a scale to survey the damage?

I hope not. Help me keep the dust off this journal. Blog. Whatever.

So where was I...?

Oh, yes. Exercise.

So with my birthday looming and my weight creeping {up}, I decided to forgo the usual birthday gifts and asked for an elliptical.  I chose that particular machine because A) it was cheaper than most and B) it had a weight limit of 300lbs, which I was embarrassingly close to. {Ok, maybe it was the other way around. It was certainly the cheapest I could find with decent reviews that had a weight limit of 300lbs...} That, and a knee brace. {old knee injury, not improved by my excessive weight. Didn't want to cause any major or irreparable damage and such}. S was against the whole thing. Not because he wasn't encouraging me. It's not like he wants me to stay fat. He just thinks that 99.99999% of exercise equipment is destined to become expensive dust collectors and space taker-uppers. Which, you know, was also a concern of mine, that's why I went for the cheapest option I could find that would work for me. I may have mentioned that I'm flighty. {sounds better than flaky} and who the hell knows if I'll stick to it. So minimum investment possible is the way to go for me.

It arrived. S put it together for me. I tentatively took a few minutes "spin". Holy crap, talk about feeling the burn. I checked to make sure it was on the lowest setting. Yep. Fml. But I did it. I mean, only like.. one episode of Parks and Recreation worth.. with frequent breaks for water.. and to catch my breath.. and to exclaim "Wow, this is hard!" while resting on the handle bars, lazily ellipticalling backwards... but I did it!!! By the end of the first session, I was quite literally dripping with sweat. 

And I kept doing it. And I got better. I had a solid week of doing it and it got easier. I improved. It almost became easy!*

THEN, of course something happened. My mom came to town {sort of} and I had to drive about 50 miles away to stay with her. I hadn't seen her in years. Hell, she hadn't even met two of my kids. So no way was I passing that up {we had a wonderful time, btw!}. Of course, my exercise went out the window for those days.. and I went crazy with food.. and the night I came home, I didn't exercise because I was so exhausted... but I'm starting again tomorrow night. I'd do it tonight but I have a weird OCD thing about starting things on Mondays. {Honestly, not even making excuses, I really do hahah} I'm actually looking forward to it! Who knew. My body loved exercising. I have no idea if I lost a single pound**, but who the hell cares? I felt better than I'd felt in years.

Exercise. Even if it hurts while you're doing it, afterward your body is going to feel great.

*this is an outright lie. 
**I really need a new scale. We recently moved and I may have lost the scale. Sigh.


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