Hey, so you remember how I said that I checked to make sure the elliptical was on the lowest tension? Welll.. C hopped on the other day and exclaimed "LOOK HOW FAST I'M GOING!!!" to which I said to myself "what the hell???" and got up and checked the dial. It was on the highest tension setting.

Or.. it would have been. If we hadn't put it together backwards. 


So.. I've basically been ellipticalling at max tension since day one. Go me? Kind of sucks.. I was looking forward to increasing the tension as time went on. Now I just have to increase time. Ah, well. I've got plenty of that, right?*


Last week, I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix. It renewed the desire I had from watching Hungry For Change  {also on Netflix} to start juicing. For some reason, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead made it seem more like some attainable goal, whereas when I watched Hungry for Change, it didn't quite seem... feasible to me. Honestly, I think that more has to do with the fact that I'd not only successfully given up carbs for a couple of months, but I'd started exercising. So I knew I could stick to a "diet" for at least 2 months. Which is a good goal for the juice fast, right? So I don't think Hungry for Change wasn't convincing enough, it was more that my body {mind} wasn't convinced I could give up "my food" for such a long period of time. So I decided to start juicing.

I also decided that I didn't want to spend $150+ on a juicer. Because.. well.. flighty.  What if I give up and shove a cupcake down my throat by mid afternoon? So, I spent some time on Google.  Could I do this by using premade juices like Naked's Green Machine? Could I use my blender?  None of those things seemed feasible. Determined, I kept up my search. Then, finally, I came across this website. Which is exactly what I needed to read. I checked my kitchen supplies, determined what I needed to purchase {I didn't have a stick blender. Who doesn't have a stick blender?! Luckily, Costco came to the rescue and I got a nice one for $20 after a $10 instant rebate. Thanks, Costco! Love ya!} and then went to buy my ingredients. After some quick math to determine how much of everything I would need to last me 3 days so I wasn't constantly running to the store. I decided to keep it simple and start with the basics. As time goes by, I may mix it up a bit and add spinach and//or romaine as per this recipe

I feel like I should add at some point {now, I suppose} that I loved the Naked Green Machine juice. I figure if I loved that, I should have a sporting chance with this. I hope. PLEASE GOD SAY IT'S TRUE.

Anyway, I'm off to prep and blend and strain my fruits and veggies. Well.. my breakfast, lunch and dinner for tomorrow. Err.. today. Wish me luck! 

Please GOD let me be able to stick to this juicing thing.

*Cuz.. you know.. having 7 kids leaves me with loads of free time

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